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We've opened a new nursery in Tunbridge Wells sports centre!


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Or call us on

01892 527215

We have nurseries at Little Forest Children's Centre (Friars Way, Tunbridge Wells)


Tel: 01892 52782


AND at St Marks Hall (Birling Road, Tunbridge Wells)


Tel: 01892 516677

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Partnership with Parents

Rainbow Nursery recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their young children.


We seek to work in partnership with parents during the child's most formative years so as to have the maximum possible impact on their development and learning.


The nursery aims to support parents and involve them in their children’s care and education in order to enhance their learning and development.


We pride ourselves on building and maintaining positive and effective relationships with all our parents and carers, and recognise the importance of staff and parents working in partnership to ensure that we meet each child’s individual needs and interests.


We also aim to support parents in their own continuing education and professional development.


We understand that effective communication with you is paramount and ensures that we work together to promote your children’s health, happiness and well-being.


Daily, face to face communication with your child’s Key Person means we are available to give feedback about your child's day, to share significant events with you and that all relevant information is acted on and passed on to other staff where necessary.

For our two year olds and under, parents will receive a daily contact folder which can be used to share information between home and nursery.


Parents of our over two’s will receive verbal feedback on their child’s day at the end of each session, highlighting any activities and achievement.


We believe that an open access policy is the best way of encouraging participation so we welcome parents in to nursery at any time.  


We communicate on-going information with our parents through:


• Our detailed policies and procedures which are located in both nurseries in the holders on the parent’s information boards. All our parents are welcome to contribute to these at any time.


• Our termly newsletters and letters of educational events and outings


• Our parents forum


• Parents evenings that are organised for you to view your child’s learning journey and to discuss your child’s development with their key person


• Our parents information boards that are situated in the entrance of each nursery


• Our website contains regular updates and useful information for parents, including our ‘Ask the Doctor’ feature.


• Our Stay and Play sessions, held twice a year in the spring and autumn term on a Saturday. These sessions give our parents the opportunity to meet other parents, chat to the staff and experience the activities your children enjoy doing at nursery.