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We've opened a new nursery in Tunbridge Wells sports centre!


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Or call us on

01892 527215

We have nurseries at Little Forest Children's Centre (Friars Way, Tunbridge Wells)


Tel: 01892 52782


AND at St Marks Hall (Birling Road, Tunbridge Wells)


Tel: 01892 516677

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Ethos and Aims

At Rainbow we recognise, value and nurture all children’s potential and individuality. We take into account the nature and needs of young children and how they learn, recognising that:


• each child is an individual and comes to us with a range of previous experiences to          build upon.


• children need to feel secure, valued, and confident.


• children are active, independent learners


We want all children to be happy and enjoy their early experiences at nursery, and develop an enthusiasm for learning.


Our fully trained and qualified staff will carefully monitor each child’s progress to ensure we provide a well planned, balanced and flexible curriculum for all our children. Play is at the very centre of our curriculum and is the basis upon which we build children’s confidence to explore, investigate and make sense of the world.


We recognise the importance of play and communication as primary learning tools of all children. At Rainbow we aim:


• To provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment in   which children can develop their physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially.  


• To provide an environment that is holistic and inclusive.


• To nurture children’s natural curiosity and zest for learning.


That all children have access to a variety of play experiences and offered the opportunity to investigate.


• To ensure children’s confidence, independence and self-esteem are developed and they are encouraged to express their own opinions and value the opinions of others.


• That all children have fun and enjoy themselves.


• To provide the children with the opportunities to learn through their play both indoors and outdoors.


• To ensure children feel safe, secure and valued and develop a sense of achievement through a pleasurable learning experience.


• To offer equal opportunities for all children by making them active in their own learning.


• To provide high quality childcare and education that will lead to effective early learning and development.


• To work in partnership with you as parents and carers so that we can compliment your child's experiences past, present & future. Every family will have a named key worker


• To develop individual targets for your child through observing their likes dislikes and developmental milestones in partnership with you. We offer age and stage appropriate toys that children can access easily to 'choose' what they would like to play with as well as daily adult led activities that are planned with a learning intention.


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